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Be careful to keep the amount of wiper water so as not to cause the car water jet motor to burn out.
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It is very important for the maintenance of the car every day. Take the car water jet motor, the wiper water is often used, so the wiper water should be added frequently, sometimes it is clear that it has not been sprayed. Pressing the switch, but the water is not sprayed out, often this will cause the car water spray motor to burn out. At this time, the wiper switch has been pressed, this is a very hurtful behavior, simply A small pump, everyone knows that the pump will not be placed in the water and plugged in. It will burn out in a short time. If there is no water, add a little. Don't press it. Automotive Waterjet Motors – Recognizing Ruian City Sailing Auto Parts Factory We have advanced production equipment and experience in R&D and manufacturing of various Japanese automotive water jet motors.
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